Recent Updates To Our Network

As some of you may already know, over the past year or so we’ve been concentrating mainly on building new ones in order to preserve the internet connections of a large portion of our customer base after a complaint was lodged with Peak Park regarding one of our main sites.

On Monday we commissioned our new network to the entirety of our customer base. Owing to the new layout, we are having to tweak parts of the network in from time to time in order to ensure that it runs as smoothly as we’d like. This will inevitably cause the odd drop in service which we are trying to keep to an absolute minimum and mostly during times when usage is at it’s lowest.

We are actively encouraging people to report any issues that they may find, with this information we are more easily able to spot issues as real world experience far exceeds what our software can report back to us. Whilst we’re doing our best to respond to all emails and calls, we are but a very small team and it’s not always possible to give our usual personal touch to each email and voicemail.

As always, we massively appreciate your custom and will continue to do our utmost to deliver you the best broadband experience in the Peak District that we possibly can.