Christmas Opening Hours

Our offices will close on December 23rd at 5pm for enquiries and re-open on January 4th.

During this time we will be closely monitoring the network and the answerphone, as always we will act upon any issues reported as quickly as possible.

Recent Updates To Our Network

As some of you may already know, over the past year or so we’ve been concentrating mainly on building new ones in order to preserve the internet connections of a large portion of our customer base after a complaint was lodged with Peak Park regarding one of our main sites.

On Monday we commissioned our new network to the entirety of our customer base. Owing to the new layout, we are having to tweak parts of the network in from time to time in order to ensure that it runs as smoothly as we’d like. This will inevitably cause the odd drop in service which we are trying to keep to an absolute minimum and mostly during times when usage is at it’s lowest.

We are actively encouraging people to report any issues that they may find, with this information we are more easily able to spot issues as real world experience far exceeds what our software can report back to us. Whilst we’re doing our best to respond to all emails and calls, we are but a very small team and it’s not always possible to give our usual personal touch to each email and voicemail.

As always, we massively appreciate your custom and will continue to do our utmost to deliver you the best broadband experience in the Peak District that we possibly can.

Power Cut in Furness Vale

There has been a power cut in the Furness Vale area which has affected one of our remote sites.

Owing to this some of our customers will be experiencing difficulties getting online.

Electricity Northwest have assured us that this should be resolved by 9pm. Once power is restored, everything should reconnect automatically and service will be restored.

Christmas Office Hours 2020

Firstly we’d like to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of our customers. 2020 has been a traumatic year for everybody on planet earth and we’ve been exceptionally busy keeping you all going whilst overcoming issues that go far beyond our regular day to day activities. Owing to this, we feel that we’ve more than earned a bit of a break for the Christmas period as none of us have had a break since the first national lockdown in March.

We plan to close the office at 5pm on Wednesday December 23rd 2020 for general enquiries, we will re-open on Monday January 4th 2021 at 9am.

During this time we will be monitoring the network periodically as always and monitoring the answerphone for any reported issues which will be dealt with as quickly as possible. Please bare in mind that we may not have the time to call all customers back after implementing any fixes and that service will resume as usual once the work has been completed. We only ask that when leaving a voicemail to state your name, address and a short description of the problem that you’re experiencing so that we can fix it as quickly and easily as possible whilst minimizing downtime.

That only leaves for us to wish all of you a very relaxing and safe Christmas period from all of us at Derbyshire Broadband.

Glossop/Hayfield Speed Issues

We are aware of an issue affecting speeds in the Glossop, Hayfield and Rowarth areas. We began implementing a fix for this today, however due to the remote location of the affected site and the altitude of the affected equipment, we were unable to complete the works during daylight hours and had to leave site for the safety of our engineers.

We will complete the works first thing in the morning to restore service to the advertised speeds. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Snow Storms

We appear to be suffering in some areas at present due to the snow storms that are ravaging the Peaks.

Please rest assured that we’re doing all that we can to keep things running as smoothly as possible but that you may experience some speed drops at points, unfortunately we can’t control the weather.

Essential Maintenance

Today we will be performing essential maintenance on 2 of our sites which will result in around 10 minutes of downtime for a select number of our customers.

Whilst we can’t guarantee a time that the outages will occur, we will keep downtime to an absolute minimum where-ever possible. Owing to the amount of work to be carried out and the requirement of man-power on site, our phone lines will be unmanned for short periods of the day.

You should not need to make any changes to your equipment to accommodate the changes being made, everything will simply re-connect automatically upon completion.

Planned Outage

We will have a short outage at around Midnight on Wednesday 6th May 2020, this is due to an essential hardware upgrade to help us cope with the increased traffic that has come about since the current Corona Virus pandemic.

We specifically chose this time and date as it should hopefully cause the least amount of disruption to our customers. During this time the internet will be down for our customers but we will ensure to keep the downtime to an absolute minimum.

Our aim is to have around 5 minutes of downtime but we are accounting for 30 minutes in the event of any unforeseen circumstances. Once service is restored, everything should continue to run smoothly, if you are experiencing any issues after this time we suggest turning the power off/on to the equipment that we installed in your property.

A Gentle Reminder

Whilst the Coronavirus crisis continues to loom, we’re having to re-purpose certain members of staff to cope with the increased demands on our services.

Owing to this, we ask that you double check the contact details that you have saved into your devices for us as we are receiving an increased number of direct texts, emails, phone calls and even WhatsApp messages.

The only details that you should ever require in the event of an issue with your service are as follows;

Telephone: 01246 912015

We’d hate for an issue to go unnoticed for potentially weeks at a time due to not going down the official channels, especially during these unprecedented times.

Covid19 Update

Firstly and most importantly, we hope that this finds you well and that you are all remaining safe and healthy.

As more and more of the companies around the country close their offices down we’re seeing an incredible increase in people working/teaching from home at all times of the day. This is in turn putting incredible strain not only on our network but on national infrastructure as the amount of internet traffic increases worldwide.

Owing to this, we are in a position where we are having difficulties providing full speeds to all customers at all times of day. Rest assured that we are doing everything within our power to keep the service both operational and optimised for everyone as we realise that a vast majority of you rely on the internet to keep you up to date on very important announcements from the government regarding the current crisis which is affecting us all.

You should be aware of our new operating procedures during this time by now, if not they are available on our previous news post here. We are being very cautious regarding the whole situation to ensure the safety of both our engineers and you, our faithful customers.

As telecommunications providers we are blessed with falling into the category of key workers, this allows us to maintain the network which keeps you in touch with the outside world.

Rest assured that as always, we are constantly working around the clock to provide the best service possible to the rural communities in the Peak District which are otherwise forgotten by the larger providers.

Stay safe,
The Derbyshire Broadband Team