We offer a professional installation service for the Starlink service for those who aren’t comfortable with installing themselves or for those who require a more complicated setup to satisfy their requirements.

An example where a client had two separate buildings to serve

Whilst we don’t re-sell the service, many people are daunted by the installation procedure which is where a company such as ourselves can help you to get the most out of it with the minimal of downtime. Whether you need this mounting high up or in a location that seems tricky to get to due to a lack of clear sky for the dish to operate to it’s highest capacity, we can help.

For this we help you to order the correct parts required to suit your requirements from Starlink themselves, we will then suggest an ideal location to you and arrive on site with all of the required hardware to get you fully up and running. After installation is completed we then thoroughly test all equipment to ensure that it is all functioning as expected and from there show you how it all works. From there you can rest assured that you have the most solid and stable connection available, all installed by a company who specialise in rural broadband installations and all that comes along with it including the weather.

Get in touch today to see how we can help you move forwards with your endeavour.