Common Questions

Is there any line rental to pay?
You don’t need to pay for any line rental to use our service. Our connections are provided by a small aerial on the roof of your property, linked directly to our own ultrafast network and data centre.

Can I make telephone calls through a connection from Derbyshire Broadband?
In short, yes. Through the use of voice over internet protocol (VOIP) services, which we can provide at an additional cost, you can enjoy crystal clear telephone conversations at very competitive prices.

When do I have to pay for my installation?
If you decide to have our service installed, the installation fees would need to be paid before your service goes live. You will receive an invoice for this shortly after confirmation of your installation date. Please note that installation cannot go ahead without receipt of payment.

What should I expect during my installation?
The installation comprises of an engineer attending your premises, checking for suitable signal levels from our network and fitting a small aerial on the roof or wall of your property. We will then neatly run a cable from the aerial to a point you have chosen in the house. Your router will be setup for you and a wireless key provided. We will ensure that you are fully and securely connected before leaving the premises.

How long will the installation take?
The installation usually takes 2 hours to complete, however for larger properties or more difficult cable runs this may take longer.

Do you cover my area?
Our coverage map can be found using the menu to the left. If you’re in a yellow area, then we currently cover your area. If you aren’t, you may fill in an application form, and once we have enough interest in your area to make it viable we will survey the local vicinity for a suitable position to place one of our access points. If this proves to be successful then we will contact you to arrange installation.

What speeds can I expect from the service?
We provide the actual speeds that we advertise, or as close as possible. We also pride ourselves on a low contention ratio, meaning that your connection will run at or very close to the speeds you that sign up for morning, noon and night. During periods of exceptional weather (storms, etc) the speeds may vary during peak times, in these circumstances we aim to restore full functionality as soon as it is safe to do so given the exposed locations of our masts.

How soon can you get me connected?
If your application is from a covered area then you may expect installation to happen within 2-3 weeks. We will contact you to arrange a day beforehand so that you can make arrangements in plenty of time. Should you be concerned that we haven’t been in contact, please feel free to call the office to check appointment availability.

I’m already tied into a contract with my current provider, what can I do?
Always read the small print of your contract carefully – there may be instances such as price rises or interrupted/poor services that allow you to terminate your contract early without penalty.

How does your system work differently to my current supplier?
Our broadband is provided to you by a wireless line of sight connection. We install an antenna – usually a discreet dish – on your property which has a clear and direct line of sight to our nearest access point. Unlike most other suppliers, we aren’t relying on old copper wires that weren’t designed for this purpose. Our connection to your property is provided wirelessly, at speeds that cannot be attained through wires.

Can I pay for my connection in advance?
Yes, we have a variety of different options for customers to pay in advance, or even on a rolling 30 day contract.

Does weather affect the service?
Our service is not affected by the usual weather. The only exception to this would be unusually strong winds moving the antenna out of line. We constantly monitor our network for changes such as this, so if we should notice anything has changed then we would contact you as soon as possible to arrange re-pointing of your antenna.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us using the form below.

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