Covid19/Coronavirus and us

We appreciate that during these dark times our service will become more vital than ever.

As it stands, we have cancelled all new installations to minimise human contact for our engineers. We are constantly monitoring the network and ensuring that any issues are dealt with as quickly and safely as always.

Should you experience any issues with your connection, we ask that you firstly turn off all equipment installed by us at the mains for 30 seconds, after this time, power things back up and wait a further 5 minutes for the equipment to finish booting up.

Should you still experience issues after this then please call the office on 01246 912 015 for us to assess the situation and plan the best course of action to get you back online as soon and safely as possible.

Should an engineer visit be required we have put some strict guidelines in place to ensure the safety of both yourselves and our staff;

– Do not approach the engineer, we are taking social distancing very seriously.
– Any equipment required to be fitted/replaced in the house will be placed on the doorstep and clear instructions given via telephone.
– If you or anybody who has been in the house has been ill within the past 14 days we need to know in advance.

Failing to comply with these guidelines will result in the engineer leaving your premises immediately no matter what stage the work is currently at. No further visits will be made until the all clear has been given by our government, your billing will continue as usual.

If you have any concerns or suggestions regarding this issue, please forward them via email to