Covid19 Update

Firstly and most importantly, we hope that this finds you well and that you are all remaining safe and healthy.

As more and more of the companies around the country close their offices down we’re seeing an incredible increase in people working/teaching from home at all times of the day. This is in turn putting incredible strain not only on our network but on national infrastructure as the amount of internet traffic increases worldwide.

Owing to this, we are in a position where we are having difficulties providing full speeds to all customers at all times of day. Rest assured that we are doing everything within our power to keep the service both operational and optimised for everyone as we realise that a vast majority of you rely on the internet to keep you up to date on very important announcements from the government regarding the current crisis which is affecting us all.

You should be aware of our new operating procedures during this time by now, if not they are available on our previous news post here. We are being very cautious regarding the whole situation to ensure the safety of both our engineers and you, our faithful customers.

As telecommunications providers we are blessed with falling into the category of key workers, this allows us to maintain the network which keeps you in touch with the outside world.

Rest assured that as always, we are constantly working around the clock to provide the best service possible to the rural communities in the Peak District which are otherwise forgotten by the larger providers.

Stay safe,
The Derbyshire Broadband Team